Who We Are

Chartered by the Canadian Labour Congress since 1956, the Peterborough and District Labour Council is the voice of organized labour in Peterborough in both the city and county.

Our affiliated unions come from the traditional manufacturing sector in Peterborough and the public sector, including education, health care, federal, and provincial and municipal governments. We are represented on the Ontario Federation of Labour’s Executive Council as well as the Canadian Labour Congress.

Please join us as we work to improve our communities.


The Peterborough & District Labour Council Executive Committee carries out the ongoing work of the Council.

Dave Warda President
Erin Leonard Vice-President
Andrea Pade Recording Secretary
Andy Butler Secretary-Treasurer
Betty Cree Sergeant-at-Arms


Marion Burton
Wendy Goodes
Hillarie LaFave
Yvonne LaRose
Marcia Steeves


Adele Franklin Trustee 1 year
Dave Berger Trustee 2 year
Marcus Harvey Trustee 3 year


The history of the labour movement in Peterborough goes back as far as the 1880s when some of the earliest unions were locals of international craft unions. The colourful history is detailed in Tara DeBlois’ 2009 book Standing Strong, Facing Forward, which was initially conceived as an expanded edition of Janice Barry’s 2000 booklet United We Stand: The History of the Peterborough and District Labour Movement.

Local historian Elwood Jones has written much about the local labour movement in articles featured in the Peterborough Examiner, and former Labour Council Vice-President Dean Shewring is a wealth of information.

From the political action taken in 1919 to the action taken by the Auburn-Bonnerworth workers, the arrival of industrial unions, and the Tilco Strike in the 1960s, Peterborough has a wealth of labour history.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Standing Strong, Facing Forward, please contact the labour council.

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ATU 1320 Ptbo. Transit
Carpenters 397 Trades
CEIU 628 Service Canada
CUPE 126 Ptbo. City
CUPE 1000 OPG/Hydro One
CUPE 1281
CUPE 1833 Ptbo. Library
CUPE 1943 P.R.H.C.
CUPE 3205 Trent Food Services
CUPE 3908 Trent University
CUPE 4911 Paramedics
CUPW 590 Canada Post
ETFO KPR Elem.Teachers O.T.
ETFO KPR Elem.Teachers F.T.
IBEW 636 Ptbo. Utilities
IFPTE 160 Society OPG
IFPTE 164 BWXT / Andritz Hydro
OPSEU 308 Ontario Govt.
OPSEU 315 Ptbo. Access Ctr.
OPSEU 327 Ptbo. Health Unit
OPSEU 334 Children’s Aid
OPSEU 345 PRHC Clerical
OPSEU 351 Fleming Support
OPSEU 352 Fleming Faculty
OPSEU 362 M.N.R.
OPSEU 365 Trent Support
OPSEU 368 Lindsay Correctional
OPSEU 373 PRHC Lab Tech.
OSSTF Dist 14 S.S. Teachers
OSSTF Dist 32 Supp French
SEIU 1 Service Emp. Healthcare
TUFA Trent Faculty

General Membership Meetings

The Labour Council’s general membership meetings are the 4th Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm at 246 Romaine St., except for July and August, and in December the date it is changed (generally to the third Tuesday). The November meeting will be at 5:30 at 2155 Davis Rd. with an online attendance option included.